5 Reasons we Recommend Purple Mattress for Luxury Bedrooms

The mattress industry is booming. Looks like every other business person is trying to find their luck with a mattress business. Over the past few years, more than 100 mattress companies have emerged in the market. Among all those startups, Purple is one of the famous one. And Purple mattress is the most hyped about mattress on the internet now. Though there are a lot of reasons behind its success that you can read in this purple mattress review, here are few things that attracted me and made us use this mattress in all the luxury bedrooms we design:

1. Comfort

The level of comfort that purple mattress offers is unmatched. Other mattresses in the industry would cost you around $1k-$3k at-least but you can get a purple mattress for as low as $700. It is engineered to support your whole body in an excellent way. There are 3 layers; the grid like Purple layer on top is perfect to cradle your body for maximum support. It also allows air flow that makes the mattress breathable, so sleeping hot is a thing of the past.

2. 100 Night Risk-Free Trial

There is always a fear when you are spending few hundreds online.

Is it worth it?

Will it work?

And more questions like this.

Purple has tried to combat all these questions in your mind by offering a risk-free 100 nights trial. So you buy the mattress, and if you don’t like it for any reason, you can get a 100% refund. No questions asked. This is definitely a decent incentive to make more people try their products and experience the ultimate comfort the mattress has to offer.

3. Good for Back Pain

A lot of users who suffered from back and neck pain have reported to have gotten relief since using purple mattress. The secret lies in its grid-like hyper-elastic polymer layer that gives you a bed that is either not too firm nor too soft. Your back will always retain a natural curve while lying on your purple bed. If you are a side sleeper, your spine stays perfect aligned hence saving you from back pain.

no back pain

4. Available in Multiple Sizes

You can get your purple mattress in almost all commonly used sizes. It is available in the following 4 sizes:

  • Twin XL – $699
  • Queen – $999
  • King – $1299
  • CAL King – $1299

Availability in multiple sizes really make it flexible and convenient.

5. Rich Warranty

When you buy Purple mattress, you get a rich warranty of 10 years. That means if there is any manufacturing fault in your mattress within 10 years, you get it replaced by the company. What else could you ask for!!!

Buying a mattress is a long term investment. And adjusting to new mattresses every other day is not a good idea for everyone. Therefore, buy a mattress that really suits you. If you have spent all your life tossing and turning on your bed due to lack of sleep, I would recommend you try Purple mattress at-least once. It’s a risk-free trial after all. You can a full refund in case you think this mattress is not for you.

5 Benefits of a Down Comforter

Down comforters are extremely light with an excellent insulating quality. This is why they are widely used in high-end hotels, where their softness is needed. Having a down comforter is something worth considering. If you are not sure of what to expect, here are a few benefits of down comforters.

1. Hypoallergenic Products

Coughing and sneezing every night while you are in bed comes as a result of an accumulation of dust on any bedding. Down comforters are hypoallergenic products that don’t collect dust. Therefore, you don’t have to sleep with worries about allergens that cover you. This is why down they are recommended bedding pieces for kids because they have no effect on their immune system.

2. Comfortable

Due to their very light weight, down comforters are comfortably at any time of the year. Their weight is dependent on how much or how little warmth you want. More so, there are 4 different comfort levels, with 4 being the heaviest and 1 lightest. I personally like medium weight down comforters as they offer the best warmth all year long.

3. Warmth

down comforter warmth

Down comforters also have the natural properties of keeping you warm. It is made up of materials that breathe well to, meaning you never feel too sweaty or hot by the end of the night. There are a few options for you to select from; some include a summer blanket or comforter for those who like to sleep in a warmer air or colder air. There are two also aspects to down comforters; one is “fill power” and the other “fill weight”. A higher fill power does not need as much weight.

4. High Fill Power Numbers

The fill power of a comforter is the number of cubic inches that 1 ounce of down fills. For instance, a down comforter has a 500 or 700 fill power is one that contains down which would fill one ounce of 500 or 700 cubic inches. A greater fill power implies a higher, more insulating down.

5. Colors and Styles

Another benefit of down comforters is the colors and styles that they come available in. This simply means they can be used in decorating your room. Just make sure that the bed sheet and the wall paint complement with each other so as to give your room a classy, cozy, and more organized look.

White comforters will make your bedroom look so ordinary and plain. But, there are alternatives for other colors, such as red, pink, purple, blue, green, and so on. You can just purchase covers that come in different colors in case you want your room decoration to be in line with your comforters.

Caring for Your Down Comforter

The best method for caring for your comforter is dry cleaning. Dry cleaners know about this so they charge a great deal of money to clean a down comforter.

To maintain your down comforters, it is recommended that you cover your down comforters with a duvet, which generally buttons closed. The duvet protects your comforter from oil and dirt and also keeps those particles and little feathers of down in the comforter.