Things to Consider Before Buying Duvet Inserts

Planning on buying a new duvet insert? Before you make your purchase, there are certain factors to consider, to help you make the right decision. Is the material hypoallergenic and soft enough? Is the duvet insert too hot or too cold? Does it have the right amount of fluff? All of these questions are answered when you look into what factors affect them. Besides reading duvet insert reviews online, I would recommend you have some basic knowledge as well that is going to be discussed below.

Here’s the perfect buying guide for duvet inserts.

1. Material

When choosing a comforter, you need to take into consideration what material you choose. Although all of them are supposed to serve the same purpose, the material quality matters.

You can choose from a variety of materials, ranging from down duvet inserts to hypoallergenic ones, depending if you’re allergic to down.

While original down duvet inserts are expensive, if you want to save on costs, you can purchase a synthetic material duvet insert. Before you head out for duvet shopping, you want to study the factors in detail, to save yourself the trouble of returning the product.

2. Bed Size

Don’t fool yourself into believing that duvet inserts are standard sized. You need to take measurements to get the right duvet insert for your bed. Many people are mistaken when it comes to buying duvet inserts for King and Queen sized beds, since they think the sizes fit the duvets.

What you need to remember is that the duvet needs to fall a little to the sides of the bed and shouldn’t simply fit the bed dimensions. So add another 4-5 inches to the length and width of the bed.

duvet inserts

3. Fill Power

If you’re purchasing a down comforter, the fill power is an important metric that you need to consider before buying. Fill power basically defines the quality of down, based on its clusters’ size and strength. A higher fill power indicates stronger down clusters. In turn, stronger down clusters provide better insulation and last longer. Moreover, a higher fill power makes your duvet more breathable.

This in no way means you always need to opt for duvets with higher fill power. Compare the fill powers between different duvets to find out which suits you best.

4. Sleep temperature

Since we are all different in our choices, we all like to sleep differently too. Where some people can’t sleep without a duvet, others like to sleep cool. Since winters call for taking a comforter/duvet while you sleep, there still is a difference in the temperature we like to sleep at. Therefore, when selecting a duvet insert, make sure you check its warmth.

What factors determine the warmth of a duvet insert? Technically, the fill power and thread count of the cover tell us how warm a duvet will be. A higher fill power and thread count usually indicates that a duvet will be warmer while a lower fill power (lesser amount of down) indicates a cooler duvet.

5. Duvet Construction

Lastly, the construction of the duvet also plays a key role in determining its quality and utility. Usually the stitching impacts how intact the filling will remain. A baffle box stitched duvet allows maximum expansion, providing you with maximum cushion and loft to make your sleep experience similar to that on a cloud.

Ring stitches allow the fill to move around the duvet, while box stitched and diamond quilted stitch design restricts the movement of the fill inside the duvet.

Usually the latter is preferred over the former since the filling tends to get out of place and shape and has to be put in place manually. To avoid this inconvenience, users prefer box stitched and quilted designs.

5 Benefits of a Down Comforter

Down comforters are extremely light with an excellent insulating quality. This is why they are widely used in high-end hotels, where their softness is needed. Having a down comforter is something worth considering. If you are not sure of what to expect, here are a few benefits of down comforters.

1. Hypoallergenic Products

Coughing and sneezing every night while you are in bed comes as a result of an accumulation of dust on any bedding. Down comforters are hypoallergenic products that don’t collect dust. Therefore, you don’t have to sleep with worries about allergens that cover you. This is why down they are recommended bedding pieces for kids because they have no effect on their immune system.

2. Comfortable

Due to their very light weight, down comforters are comfortably at any time of the year. Their weight is dependent on how much or how little warmth you want. More so, there are 4 different comfort levels, with 4 being the heaviest and 1 lightest. I personally like medium weight down comforters as they offer the best warmth all year long.

3. Warmth

down comforter warmth

Down comforters also have the natural properties of keeping you warm. It is made up of materials that breathe well to, meaning you never feel too sweaty or hot by the end of the night. There are a few options for you to select from; some include a summer blanket or comforter for those who like to sleep in a warmer air or colder air. There are two also aspects to down comforters; one is “fill power” and the other “fill weight”. A higher fill power does not need as much weight.

4. High Fill Power Numbers

The fill power of a comforter is the number of cubic inches that 1 ounce of down fills. For instance, a down comforter has a 500 or 700 fill power is one that contains down which would fill one ounce of 500 or 700 cubic inches. A greater fill power implies a higher, more insulating down.

5. Colors and Styles

Another benefit of down comforters is the colors and styles that they come available in. This simply means they can be used in decorating your room. Just make sure that the bed sheet and the wall paint complement with each other so as to give your room a classy, cozy, and more organized look.

White comforters will make your bedroom look so ordinary and plain. But, there are alternatives for other colors, such as red, pink, purple, blue, green, and so on. You can just purchase covers that come in different colors in case you want your room decoration to be in line with your comforters.

Caring for Your Down Comforter

The best method for caring for your comforter is dry cleaning. Dry cleaners know about this so they charge a great deal of money to clean a down comforter.

To maintain your down comforters, it is recommended that you cover your down comforters with a duvet, which generally buttons closed. The duvet protects your comforter from oil and dirt and also keeps those particles and little feathers of down in the comforter.